The Team

Irene Larroy
Irene LarroyFounder
Irene has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Barcelona (2001) and a PMD from ESADE (2008), Irene has specialized in European R&D projects, and has 15 years’ experience and curriculum in programs such as Horizon 2020, Eurostars and their predecessors. Additionally, she works as an external advisor for the European Commission, as well as an evaluator and a regular reviewer of H2020 and Eurostar proposals. She also gives courses as an expert in this field in different countries such as Jordan.
Apart from being the Founder of ARISTOS, Irene is also a juggler, as she is able to perfectly combine her work with the challenge of writing the most complex historic novel to develop that she was able to come up with.
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos GonzalezExecutive Director
Marcos holds a Degree in Industrial Design and an Executive MBA from the EADA Business School. His years in departments of innovation and marketing of companies of large consumption and services, make him always look for the ideal business approach that companies need to submit their innovative proposals to H2020. He collaborates with strategic business consultancies, accompanying them in the development, launch and growth of new products.
In the personal field, always with a smile on his face, he has a very clear motto: “if someone can do it, I will try it”, which has led him to starting a business, finishing an Ironman, cooking like a great chef and the most important thing of all… being a father.
Jordi Aleu
Jordi AleuConsultant
Jordi has a PhD in Chemical Sciences from Universidad de Alicante, with specialization in Neuroscience.
He graduated in Neurosciences at the UIA and in R & D Management at the UPC School.
For over 20 years, Jordi worked in research labs (in public centres and in private companies), where he was in charge of elaborating, managing and evaluating scientific projects in basic, applied and preclinical research.
Jordi has also taught undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s degree courses within the areas of Biotechnology and Health Sciences in several Spanish universities (UA, UAB, UB, UMH, FUB).
His sharpness and sarcastic sense of humour make him a fearsome opponent in any discussion.
Virginia Gunn
Virginia GunnConsultant
Virginia has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology and she has become an expert in TIC after several years working as a project consultant in software design, e-commerce, databases and content management. Among other companies, she has worked for Dell Professional Services, where she earned certification in Microsoft Solutions, and she also has broad experience in teaching and translation.
Virginia is as Texan as the Lone Star Flag, but working for ARISTOS is not her first rodeo, and her vast expertise is reflected in the proposals she writes for our clients.
Alexandria Kyle-Hammer
Alexandria Kyle-HammerConsultant
Lexi graduated from Mills College with a degree in International Relations. Her passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures took her to many different places and finally led her to Barcelona, which was love at first sight. Like so many others, she came to the city with the intention of learning Spanish and moving on to travel Europe, but the city captivated her and it soon became her new home.
She taught English for several years and then, with the enthusiasm that characterizes her, she decided to put her writing experience to use, joining the world of proposal writing.
Over the last few years, she has been working continuously with the SME instrument, a field in which she has acquired extensive experience.
Lexi is passionate about reading and, in her spare time, she loves creating jewellery, doing yoga and escaping to nature.
Judith Rectoret
Judith RectoretConsultant
Armed with her education in Administration, her English Proficiency and her knowledge in photographic retouching and graphic design, Judith writes and translates anything that needs writing or translating, while creating as many infographics as necessary. Judith worked for ten years at Henkel Ibérica, and previously she had worked at other companies such as Círculo de Lectores, Winterthur, Laboratorio de Diagnóstico General and others, through an external agency. She has also taught English for children and adults; corrected spelling, typography, style and content for a novel; written short stories for the radio; and composed lyrics for musicians.
Judith claims she writes short stories and novels, so given her storyteller vocation, she is now writing proposals for our clients.
Mark Cloostermans
Mark CloostermansConsultant
Mark studied English and Dutch linguistics and literature at the University of Antwerp. He has 15 years of experience at writing content and editing other people’s texts. He has worked as a freelance journalist for, among others, De Standaard (a Belgian broadsheet) and Boekblad, a Dutch B2B magazine reporting on innovations in the book trade. He also works as a copywriter (for Belgian communication agency INK, among others). Mark likes to write in an accessible way about innovation: all enthusiasm, no jargon.
He is the author of 5 books, including The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona and Spoiler, the latter a collection of essays on television shows and the literary classics that inspired them. He is a book review vlogger on YouTube:
David Basullas
David BasullasConsultant
David is Bachelor in law by UAB and he also has an E-Business Maser from Universitat Ramon Llull.

He has fifteen years of experience in a multinational from the banking sector, where he developed different tasks as operations analyst, vendor manager and project manager.

He is a paper book lecture fan, but during the past years he changed to e-book reading, as his son occupies more and more space in his house and in his heart.

Verónica Trueba
Verónica TruebaConsultant
Veronica has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Barcelona. Her career took her to study cell regeneration processes in planarians as model organism in a research laboratory at the Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics department of the University of Barcelona. She has collaborated with different research centres such as the Catalan Institute of Bioengineering (IBEC). Despite her young age, Verónica has broad experience in writing scientific publications and articles and has given English classes in official academies for several years. In addition to her scientific profile, Verónica is currently studying Modern Music and Jazz at the prestigious Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona, with piano as her main instrument. In the personal area, Verónica has a deep curiosity for the human being, so you can always find her in talks, congresses, presentations or simply in a musical jam session enjoying a well-executed work.
Carlotta Daldoss
Carlotta DaldossHead of Administration
Carlotta graduated in statistical sciences at the Università di Trento, and has vast experience in service companies and in industrial sectors such as machinery and food.
She is also an expert in marketing, Web 2.0 and international trade.
Carlotta is our point of contact with our clients, apart from being in charge of all the contractual issues with the European Commission.
With her unwavering smile, Carlotta manages all the commercial aspects of the company, spreading her joy to all the team and to our clients.
Carolina Saavedra
Carolina SaavedraAdministration
Carol has a degree in Computer Engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Cali, Colombia) but, being passionate about communication and relationships between people, she has devoted a large part of her working life to being a saleswoman. In the past few years, she has been managing, teaming up with her husband, her own catering company.
A restless woman, she is also in the process of finishing her first novel and has gone deeper in the learning and implementation of Digital Marketing, a field for which she has come to Aristos.
Mother of two wonderful children, Carol also manages direct contact with our clients, and she is, together with Carlotta, a reference person in our office.

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