Given the situation generated by the COVID-19 emergency, from ARISTOS, we would like to transmit our clients and collaborators a message of calm and commitment. Our thoughts are with all those people affected by the virus.

In ARISTOS, our priority is to ensure our employees’ and their families’ safety and wellbeing. Since the beginning of the emergency state, we have reacted quickly to protect our team and taken the necessary measures in order to work from home, which is not always as operational as we would want it to, but we are adapting to it.

The team will continue working with the same dedication and effort to ensure we provide our clients with the high-quality level that they expect from us in all the proposals and in all of the processes that we are in charge of.

We are aware that this situation may affect the active response from our clients, and we want to assure you that we are committed to adapt to your new schedules and availability.

This situation is uncertain and is continuously changing. Therefore, we will notify you of any substantial changes from the European Commission that may come to affect us, especially regarding modifications in the deadlines or cancellations of different calls, if there were any.

We are an optimistic organisation and we believe that after this unfortunate situation, novel ways of working will arise that will benefit all of us, and new and incredible innovations will make us stronger in the future.

In the name of all the ARISTOS team, we want to thank you for trusting in us with your projects and we wish health and security to all of you, your families and your work teams.

As always, we are at your entire disposal if you have any questions and/or doubts.

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