Report on the Participation of Catalan Entities in the European Programme Horizon 2020

SPEI (European and International Projects Service) has produced a report on the participation of universities and research centres in European R+D programmes through the information gathered from databases, national statistics results and the information provided by the management units of universities and research centres.

The report, which can be found in AGAUR’s (Agency for Management of University and Research Grants) website, shows that Catalonia’s participation during the first two years and a half of the program is very remarkable, with 507.295.352 euros of funds raised, which represent 2,62% over the total of the European 28 and 27,95 % with respect to Spain, and it shows the great competitiveness and excellence of Catalonian institutions and researchers at a European level.

The areas where Catalan entities raised more funds were:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with almost 44 million euros.
  • Innovation in SMEs, with € 36.4 M
  • Health, demographic change and well-being (RS1), with 52.2 M €.
  • Climate change and efficiency in the management of material resources (RS5), with € 33.9 million.

For more information, you can see this infographic.