Europe bets on women-led businesses

Entrepreneurs, just for the fact of being it, must undergo a long and difficult path to achieve success, but if you are also a woman, things get even more complicated.

Statistics show that female leaders are awarded a small portion of the billions in venture capital that are invested each year. Even worse, a significant number of these leaders who have tried to obtain funding confirm that they have felt discriminated in some way.

However, despite the obstacles, the future of female entrepreneurship is far from bleak. In recent decades, women are creating more companies than ever, various global movements are forcing large investors to be more inclusive, and we can see daily how, more and more, large companies are fulfilling their conscious purpose of adding women to Management positions.

The European Commission, aware of both the difficulties and the potential of companies led by women, and knowing that the member states have many creative, ambitious and prosperous companies led by them, has decided to promote this circumstance. For this reason, in the October call of this year of the EIC Accelerator, as well as in the past “Green Deal” call in May, they will reserve 25% of the projects that go to the interview stage for companies led by a woman.

The business world is being very slow to create equal opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups, so initiatives like this are necessary to speed up the equalization process.

At Aristos, we are confident that, as change prevails, the balance will tip towards a more egalitarian and equitable society in which we all win. As a company founded by a woman, our director Irene Larroy, we want to give special recognition to all the women with whom we have had the honour of working over the years and projects, and who lead innovative companies that have obtained recognition from the European Union through the H2020 program. We also want to encourage all female entrepreneurs to work with more enthusiasm than ever to achieve their goals, since little by little we are creating a more just world.

Together we will achieve change.

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