Our clients have achieved excellent results once more. 

In the past September call of the SME Instrument Phase I, within the H2020 program, our clients have once again obtained an excellent result. We are very proud of having helped them achieve it, and we want to congratulate them for their success.

Has obtained funding from the European Community:

  • The RIBATI project, by Amapex, with the title “Radically innovative bacterial treatment for recalcitrant industrial wastewater”. The project consists of an innovative, effective and ecological solution for the biological treatment of wastewater.

Have obtained funding (also with the help of Avanoa) through VINNOVA:

  • The TrustIoT project, by Contribe, with the title “Smart Product Lifecycle Security Platform”. The project consists of a safe monitoring and testing platform for the development and management of intelligent IoT products.
  • The SeaTwirl-1MW project, by SeaTwirl, with the title “The first robust and cost-effective wind floating turbine for deep water offshore”. SeaTwirl-1MW is a vertical axis turbine located offshore to generate electricity from wind power.

And finally, we also want to congratulate two clients that have achieved the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission with their project:

  • The EcoVarnish-FG project, by Fakolith, with the title“The First Food Grade, Eco-Friendly Varnish for Cardboard, Wood and Wood Derivative Packaging (Printed Food Contact Packaging)”. This project is focused on developing a varnish for materials in contact with food that is safe for consumers and for the environment.
  • The ISASDrone project, by Avansig, with the title “Indoor Security with Autonomous Smart Drones”. The project consists of an autonomous and continuous surveillance service with small-sized, intelligent indoors drones.

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