Great success of Aristos in the April 2019 call of the SME Instrument Phase 2!

In the April 2019 call of the SME Instrument phase 2, four clients of Aristos out of four proposals that reached the interview phase have won the grant!

This represents a spectacular 100% success rate in the Interview Phase.

For Aristos, this is fantastic news and we are very happy to share this success with them!

Below, we present the names and a brief description of these great projects:

1. Metamorphosis, by the Spanish company Food Sourcing Specialists, S.L .: An innovative, healthy and high performance sports energy gel, based on bee products, contained in a revolutionary, compostable and ecological packaging.

2. JUSTINMIND-XR, by the Spanish company JUSTINMIND, S.L .: The first platform for the fast creation of prototypes without code for extended reality (VR / AR / MR) and space computing.

3. MYCure, by the Spanish company Peptomic, S.L .: A new and revolutionary therapy against cancer, more efficient and less toxic: the inhibition of Myc by OMO-103.

4. SeaTwirl, by the Swedish company SeaTwirl AB, in collaboration with the company AVANOA: The first floating offshore deep-sea, vertical axis wind turbine, robust and economically profitable.

We are also thrilled to share the news that in Catalonia (Spain) six SME Instrument Phase 2 projects have been granted, half of which (three) are the ones won by our clients.

We at Aristos are very happy to have helped all of them to achieve this success and we wish them lots of luck with their wonderful projects!

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