Specialized in European R&D and Innovation funding.

Since 2011, ARISTOS offers consulting services to clients from all over Europe from its headquarters in Barcelona. Since then, we have award more than 120 million euros and financed around 80 projects in the European programme Horizon 2020.

Our team includes some 10 experts in renewable energy, health, agri-food, transport, environment, ICT and industrial technologies.

Our highly demanded services are based on our unique corporate values: long-standing experience in European R&D Programs and deep knowledge of the official rules, as well as the unspoken ones; honest, objective and realistic advice on the real opportunities of a client’s project; wide contact network to effectively search for suitable partners; and last, but not least, our team of highly qualified staff with scientific-technical background, who bring excellence to every step of the project’s life span: proposal set-up, grant agreement, project management and audits.

Our success rates in detail

Horizon 2020 – 46%
SME Instrument Phase 1* – 56%
SME Instrument Phase 2/EIC Accelerator – 42%
Collaborative Projects (RIA, IA, CSA) – 50%

These statistics are updated until September 2020. The success ratios are changing each call closure and will keep them updated every time we have new results.

* The results of SME Instrument phase 1 and phase 2 also include projects funded by national and regional agencies following the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence.


  • Success

    We have a high approval rate in several R&D&i European Programmes.
    More than 43% of proposals prepared by ARISTOS over the last four years were awarded the funding.

  • Specialisation

    We are specialists in European projects. We commit 100% of our time to European projects. That is the reason we do not usually work in national/regional programs.

  • Non refundable fundings

    We only work in programs awarding non-refundable funding.

  • Quality

    We commit to accepting a low number of proposals a year in order to allocate much more working time and highly qualified staff for each one of them.

  • Reputation

    We have high-level contacts at the European Commission and at participating organisations all over Europe

  • Partners

    We seek mutual benefit. We help companies obtain the help they need to reach their objectives and we share the risks with them.

Our Clients