New H2020 Information Day

Despite the fact that economic growth and competitiveness are closely linked to research and development, the European Union still detects major internal inequalities in their performance. These disparities are further accentuated by the prolonged economic crisis, which is negatively reflected in the public budgets dedicated to R+D.

To address this situation, Horizon 2020 introduces a work programme 2016-2017 with the following specific measures to disseminate excellence and broaden participation:

  • The Teaming action (associating advanced research institutions to other institutions, agencies or regions for the creation or upgrade of existing centres of excellence).
  • Twinning, which will help strengthen a defined field of research in a knowledge institution through linking with at least two internationally-leading counterparts in Europe.
  • The ERA Chairs scheme, which will provide support for universities and other research institutions.
  • The Policy Support Facility, which aims to improve the design, implementation and evaluation of national or regional research and innovation policies.
  • Supporting access for excellent researchers and innovators who lack sufficient involvement in European and international networks.
  • Strengthening the administrative and operational capacity of transnational networks of National Contact Points.

To delve more in these measures, on April 3, 2017 an information session will be held at La Corrala Cultural Centre in Madrid, the agenda can be consulted here.

The session is organized by the Office of European Projects and Internships of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in collaboration with Ms. Ana Hidalgo López, National Contact Point of the program.

In addition, there will also be 6 more meetings, 20 minutes long, with the National Contact Point. To request one of the 6 meetings you must send an email to the address indicating name, interest in Widening and the possible project idea.