New success of Aristos in the call of May 2019 of the SME Instrument Phase 1!

In the May 2019 call of the SME Instrument phase 1, three Aristos clients have been winners and have received the funding they needed to carry out their projects. For us, it is great news and we want to congratulate them for this success!

Here we present the names and a brief description of these great projects:

1. FitoStinger by Fitostinger SL:  An anti-pest Drone as the best solution for the eradication of the Pine Processionary.

2. RetinDR by Retinset SL: The first topical ophthalmic formulation (eye drops) that effectively prevents and/or treats the retinal neurodegeneration induced by diabetes (diabetic retinopathy) and/or aging.

3. Zero1 by Beledger Technology, S.L.: A unique suite of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to battle cashflow problems in SMEs.

From Aristos we are very happy to have participated in the achievement of this success and we wish them all the best in this initial phase of their projects!

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