Ecobrew2, de Iberital


New eco-efficient and healthy professional espresso coffee machine

This project is the continuation of the funded phase-1 ECOBREW feasibility study that has finished successfully. A previous version of this proposal for phase 2 was submitted in Sept.’15. It was evaluated with a score of 12.81 and awarded with the Seal of Excellence, but not funded due to budgetary restrictions.

ECOBREW proposes an innovative healthy and energy-efficient professional espresso coffee machine.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, after crude oil. 40% of the global coffee consumption is out of home, and specialty coffee has become a major worldwide trend.

IBERITAL is a 40-year old SME, with 56 employees, an annual turnover of 12 MEUR and 60% in exports, that is targeting the growing market of the Professional Espresso Coffee Machines, a market that is estimated to surpass a volume of 1 billion Euros by 2016.

The technology used in coffee machines has not evolved significantly in 100 years. IBERITAL has identified a great opportunity in this growing market for a coffee machine with a completely new design based in the introduction of lead-free materials, energy efficiency and internet connectivity.

The proposed innovation aims at new market opportunities addressing 3 global challenges and trends (healthy food, sustainability, connected world).

This project and new product fit in IBERITAL’s strategic plan, and will result in company growth into a medium sized European Company with a brand that will be globally recognized; with sales doubling by 2019 and tripling by 2022, and creation of employment by tripling staff up to 150 direct and 350 indirect jobs in 6 years.

During phase-2, IBERITAL will perform the final product design and development, and industrial up scaling; certify the machine in EU and seven other countries; demonstrate its perfomance with distributors and final users, and finally prepare for worldwide dissemination and commercialisation of the ECOBREW professional espresso coffee machine.

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