We are delighted to announce that Project SCALIBUR has been approved for funding in the IA (Innovation Action) call of February, 13 2018, under the topic CE-SFS-25-2018.

SCALIBUR, (SCALable technologIes for Bio-Urban waste Recovery) is the 4 years’ duration project of a consortium composed of 21 partners from 9 European countries, with a budget of around €12M.

The project involves private companies, City Halls, sector associations, research centres and universities.

SCALIBUR’s goal is to minimize the biological waste generated in European towns and cities through the introduction of new value chains to recover and transform this waste, turning it into products of high added value, as proteins, chitin, lipids, chemicals and bioplastics.

SCALIBUR will have a huge impact on society through the implementation of business models based on circular economy, while involving waste generators, the citizens, in order to get the technology developed by and for society.

Pilots will be performed during the project in Madrid (Spain), Albano (Italy) and Kozani (Greece), but the intention is to extend results at European level, while following the example of the municipalities of the North of Europe that best exploit their waste.

We are very glad and very proud to have been part of this success, in collaboration with ITENE (the coordinator of the consortium) and, through them, with all the partners, by helping prepare this proposal. We are very excited about the great contribution to our planet that will represent the implementation of this fantastic project.

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