We are pleased to announce that the project HOOP has been approved for funding in the IA (Innovation Action) of the topic CE-FNR-17-2020 in the call of 22th of January, 2020.

HOOP (Hub of circular cities boosting platform to foster investments for the valorisation of urban biowaste and wastewater) is a consortium project that includes partners from 10 EU member countries, 5 municipalities and 3 groups of cities, with a budget of around € 8M and a duration of 4 years.

Both private companies and municipalities, research centres and universities have been involved in this project.

HOOP will help unlock bio-based investments and deploy local bioeconomies in Europe, through a systemic and cross-cutting approach. It will offer assistance for the development of projects (PDA) to a group of 8 “lighthouse” cities and their clusters to develop the technical, economic, financial and legal experience necessary to make concrete investments that value the organic fraction of urban solid waste and urban wastewater sludge, with the aim of obtaining safe and sustainable biological products from them.

In addition, HOOP will promote the change of citizens’ behaviour and acceptance of bio-waste based products, as well as food waste prevention.

We are very happy and very proud to have been part of this success, helping to prepare this proposal, in collaboration with CETENMA, coordinator of the consortium, and, through them, with all the partners. We are very excited about the great contribution that the realization of this fantastic project will mean for these cities and for the whole of Europe.

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