Great success of Aristos in the May call of the SME Instrument Phase 1!

In the May 2018 call of the SME instrument phase 1, five clients of Aristos have won the requested grant and have therefore received the funding they needed to carry out their projects. We are very happy for this and we would like to congratulate our clients for their success!

Below, we present the names and a brief description of these fantastic projects:

1. Glycardial, a spin-off of the ICCC-IR-Hospital of Santa Creu and Sant Pau, in Barcelona, ​​with their AGLYC project, the first in-vitro diagnostic device for the early detection of cardiac ischemia.

2. Kamleon Ventures SL, a young spin-off of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) of Tarragona, with their KAM Patch project, a smart portable patch that monitors hydration through the analysis of sweat, wirelessly and in real time.

3. The Swedish company MACHINE INTELLIGENCE SWEDEN AB (MIS), with the ScienceRouter project, an automatic learning software based on artificial intelligence, which finds perfect matches between companies and the researchers they need to boost their innovation landscape.

4. The pharmaceutical company Senolytic Therapeutics, spin-off of the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB Barcelona), which has developed SenolT, an early diagnosis test for the detection of residual tumours and the prevention of cancer recurrence.

5. The QSIDE technology company, created by ICFO, the Institute of Photonic Sciences, based in Barcelona, ​​with their QPIC project: a small, fast, high quality and economic QRNG chip (quantum random number generator) which will create a permanently secure infrastructure for data and communications and will prevent the high vulnerability of businesses and devices to hackers.

From Aristos (and in the case of MIS, together with the company AVANOA) we are very pleased to have helped you to achieve this success and we wish you good luck in this first phase of your winner projects.

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